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Prevalence maps - Serine Carbapenemases
Prevalence maps - CTX-M type ESBL
Prevalence maps - OXA-carbapenemases
Prevalence maps - Metallo-carbapenemases
Prevalence maps - 16S RNA methylases


Useful Links - Prevalence maps (Antimicrobial Resistance)


This page provides links to some of the major antibiotic resistances to affect Europe in the last 5 – 10 years.

Please note that the TEMPOtest-QC project and its partners cannot claim liability for the accuracy of the information contained within these links, not least due to the fact that the emergence of (new) antibiotic resistances is an increasing problem throughout Europe.

Serine CarbapenemasesMetallo-carbapenemasesCTX-M type ESBL
OXA-carbapenemases16S RNA methylases
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